July 30, 2008


Nischay started as a group of friends who wished to dedicate their free time for a good cause. And gradually the idea took shape and Nischay was formed. The funding is done internally by donations from our own friends and family. What we do and plan to do, revolve around out moto “Working for a cause”. Most NGO’s have a specific target and service area. For example some work for the welfare and education of Kids while others for the Aged. But Nischay-NCO (Non Commercial Organization) does the same work across different fields in a different manner. The events that we do are suggested by different members. All members are encouraged to think of different activities to do. Nischay members are always "Self Motivated" and ready to do any kind of work they are given. We come together for a cause, devote time from our work schedule, complete our task and go back to our routine work. Though interested in dealing with a wide variety of issues, our major area of work has been giving happiness and helping the needy in our society……….

Another different approach Nischay has adopted is to eliminate any hierarchy, so on an event day all the participating volunteers (members) are independent and act do not wait for any specific instructions from some team lead. Nischay doesn’t compensate or pay its volunteers any allowance for their personal travel or food for an event. 100% of Nischay fund is concentrated for the cause (events). All the volunteers (members) present for our events are dedicated and participate out of their own wish, a will to contribute.


“HELP others to HELP Yourself”

Nischay deals with very sensitive groups of people in the society. We aim to fulfill the needs of the needy and provide them happiness in this Painful World.

Event Diary

We have been in operation past few years and have conducted few sucessful events. Few of which are mentioned below

Our first initiative was done at "ASSISSI BHAVAN" an old age home. Nischay organised a cultural show for them n spent a day with them in their Bhavan. This was a sign of the beginning of our group. With more than 50 members it was a good start.

Like wise, we kept doing few more events like the Christmas Party on 25th December 2007 at Shishu Kalyan Kendra. This is a school for the mentally challanged kids. We organised a party for them, played with them. We ourself were kids when we were with them. Also Nischay donated necessary teaching aids required by the school for teaching the children.

After the success of this event our thoughts were in the air and our commitee members kept increasing. We grew by leaps and bounds in all aspects. We took a step forward in our process and organised a screening of movie GHATOTHKACH for 250 orphan girl children of St. Cathrene on 15th June. This marked a major success story and made a dent in the minds of many individuals. We were praised by many people who attended the event.

Today, we are moving ahead fast & steady. On the eve on Independance Day i.e. 15th August another remarkable event is being worked out. We will be focussing on different segment of individuals.